How to become a member of the Greater Monroe Kennel Club

Becoming a member of the Greater Monroe Kennel Club takes four
easy steps.
  • You first must attend three meetings as a guest.
  • On the third meeting you may complete the application form.
  • Have two members sponsor you.
  • Submit dues payment for the current year with the application

All applications are to be filed with the Secretary and each application
is to be read at the first meeting following it’s receipt.  The membership
chairman will do a home visit  prior to the next meeting.  At the next
club meeting the application will be voted upon and affirmative votes of
two-thirds of the members present and voting by secret ballot at that
meeting shall be required to elect the applicant.

All members must be in good standing with The American Kennel Club
and subscribe to the purpose of this Club.  We have three types of

Individual Membership—open to all persons 18 years of age and older

Household Membership— offered to two or more individuals who are
18 years or older.  Each is entitled to one vote with the maximum of two
votes per household.

Junior Membership— Open to all persons under the age of 18.  Juniors
enjoy all club privileges except the right to vote and hold an office.

For more information on membership contact
Janet Broome.