From the American Kennel Club - Agility website.
Agility is the ultimate game for you and your dog. It also one of the most exciting canine sports
for spectators. In agility, a dog demonstrates is agile nature and versatility by following cues
from the handler through a timed obstacle course. The course has jumps, tunnels, weave
poles, and other obstacles. Agility strengthens the bond between dogs and handlers, it is
extremely fun, and it provides vigorous exercise for both!

The AKC offers two types of agility classes. The first is the Standard Class which includes
obstacles such as the dog walk, the A-frame, and seesaw. The second is Jumpers with
Weaves. This class only has jumps, tunnels and weave poles. Both classes offer increasing
levels of difficulty to earn Novice, Open, Excellent and Master titles.

After completing both an Excellent Standard title and Excellent Jumpers title, a dog and
handler team can compete for the MACH (Master Agility Champion title) - faster than the
speed of sound!

Agility began in England in 1978. The AKC held its first agility trial in 1994. Agility is now the
fastest growing dog sport in the United States and is the fastest growing event at the AKC!

AKC agility is available to every registerable breed, from Yorkshire Terriers to Irish
Wolfhounds. The dogs run the same course with adjustments in the expected time and jump

Safety of the dogs is a primary concern for AKC agility. The classes are divided by jump
heights in order to make the competition equal between the different size of dogs.


From the American Kennel Club - Conformation website.
Dog shows, or "conformation" events, are the signature events of the AKC. They concentrate
on the distinctive features of purebred dogs and help to preserve these characteristics by
providing a forum at which to evaluate breeding stock.

Exhibits are judged against individual breed standards, which have been established for the
AKC-recognized breeds by their parent clubs. These written standards describe the ideal
size, color, and temperament of each breed, as well as correct proportion, structure, and

Health Clinics

Health Clinics are held at our November Shows and are sponsored by one of our Specialty
Clubs.  Please see the Dog Show page for more information.